40 Year Old (Travel) Virgin…

Many people are shocked when they find out that I have never left Australia at 40 odd years of age. When I was younger I never really had an urge to go overseas like many people do, I had my life with work and sport and it wasn’t a priority. I always planned to travel later on in life, but I before I jetsetted off to see another country I always wanted to really explore my homeland first – and now as a photographer this is why I am starting this Little Australia Project.

The family on a NQ scouting trip.

This project has been long time in the making – over 4 years where I’ve been on numerous scouting trips along the East Coast of Australia capturing images and honing my landscape photography chops and videography skills. There has been a bit of a setback recently due to the sheer scale of the devastating Australian bushfires this summer that affected large parts of NSW and Victoria – not just through the large fires but also thick smoke blanketing large areas hundreds of kilometres away with some of the smoke even making it to New Zealand over 2000km away. Many fires are still burning and emergency services still in these high risk areas, so I’ve postponed these shoots for a few months but there is still plenty of places to cover in this massive landscape.

Glorious Mount Hotham at teh end of ski season.

You may have heard Australia is pretty big? To put things in perspective who are living in the United Kingdom and Europe (and many of these things may not come as a surprise), Australia is one of the largest countries on Earth but we only have a population of just 25 million (2020 estimate) – and according to experts kangaroos outnumber humans 2 to 1!! At only 3 per square kilometre, Australia has one of the lowest population densities on the planet – the UK is round the 270/km2.

The serenity of the Victorian High Country.

So we need to start this journey somewhere, and since around 80% of the country lives in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland its not a bad place to start the project. These 3 states alone cover an area just shy of 3 million square km which is roughly the same area as France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland and Italy combined. We will get to cover the snow in the alpine regions to the glorious beaches, and the expansive outback through to lush rainforests.

Aerial view of the historic Broken Hill.

As you can tell, I’m certainly not a writer so I will wrap up the intro post, and time to finish up the first real blog post which will be up shortly. There will also be an ‘trailer’ of the project going up on YouTube in the next few weeks, and later in the year we will be starting a video series on the project.

So please check out the Social Media page and follow the pages to keep up to date and subscribe to YouTube and get notified of the videos once they go live.

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